What we do

We want to provide you with a handpicked range of brands so that you don’t have to worry about researching each individually to know you're choosing fashion that’s right for the planet.

We have provide a curated selection of fashion brands that make a difference. Brands that are ethical, sustainable and/or philanthropic. 


All the products featured on our site employ ethical production processes, such as:

  • No forced or compulsory employment
  • Fair pay and no excessive working hours mandated
  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • No child labour
  • Fair Trade


In addition to being ethically produced, our brands are sustainable or charitable. And some, are both. Products featured on our site based on sustainability employ sustainable production processes, such as:

  • Using recycled material
  • Using scrap material
  • Contributing to the sustainability of the environment (e.g. planting trees, ocean protection)
  • Reducing water or energy consumption in processes
  • Using more environmentally friendly materials


Products featured on our site based on charitable donations, contribute to charities either through:

  • Purchases that result in a donation to a charity
  • Profit that is donated to a charity


Each product page as well as each brand page features more specific detail on what you're buying so you can make an easy and informed choice.


To learn more about the fashion industry and it’s impact on communities visit The True Cost

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