August 24, 2016
Wool and the Gang

Wool and the Gang is an innovative UK based knitwear brand that create a truly unique fashion experience. As well as selling beautiful ready-made products for men, women and children, they also sell 'kits' where you can make your own products. You don't necessarily need experience in knitting either! Each product is assigned with a level of advancement. They also host parties for customers in the UK, US and France to knit their own products.

Wool and the Gang

Knitting is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. However, if knitting is not your thing than the brands 'Gang' will do it for you.

Wool and the Gang cardigan

The sustainable and ethical brand sources high-quality wool and alpaca from Peru which supports local economies. They also sell patterns and knitting supplies including Jersey Be Good (up-cycled from factory scraps) and Mixtape (recycled textile waste).

Wool and the Gang jumper

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