August 20, 2016

Reformation "make killer clothes that don't kill the environment". From their casual mini skirts to their slinky night gowns - their limited edition collections never fail to hit the nail on the head.

The collections are predominantly manufactured in their sustainable sewing facility in LA, using sustainable fabrics (such as Lenzing tencel), repurposed vintage and dead stock from fashion houses that over ordered.

Tencel shares similar properties to cotton - it's soft, breathable and super comfy. The man-made fabric is made by processing wood pulp from Eucalyptus trees which is renewable, doesn't require pesticides or insecticides and uses far less land than cotton. Renewable energy is used in the processing stage using non-toxic solvents which are then recycled back into the system.

The company also use modal and viscose which are less environmentally degrading than cotton, however they are continuously seeking more environmentally friendly options.


Each item displays it's environmental impact and how it compares to current industry standards. They also encourage customers to recycle their unwanted clothing in their RefRecycling program. When customers purchase online they are provided with a free shipping label to send back to Reformation who will handle recycling their clothes.

Reformation jacket

Reformation use carbon offsets, 100% recycled packaging and they offer one paid day off each month for their employees to volunteer with local communities. They're also all about women empowerment with three quarters of women in their management jobs!

Reformation dress

International shipping is available!

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