August 24, 2016
People Tree

People Tree is leading the way for change in the fashion industry. The notoriously ethical fashion brand seeks to empower the 4000 farmers and artisans responsible for producing their beautiful products. The organic cotton farmers are paid a premium for their cotton and receive a pension, health insurance and good medical facilities. Women are paid the same as men and are entitled to maternity leave.

“They live and work in communities without most essentials of modern life – including electricity. They buy very few consumer goods, eat locally produced food and use hand production methods to earn their living. What's more, many are directly threatened by the environmental impact of our lifestyles and buying habits in the West - the pollution from goods manufactured for us and global warming arising from power we consume. Environmental justice, this is not.”

People Tree

The products are predominantly hand crafted and use natural and organic materials, without the use of harmful chemicals. The brand protects water supplies by developing safe water facilities and avoids polluting.

People Tree dress

A portion of profits from People Tree is invested in the Swallows project in Bangladesh. After the war of independence in 1971, many women were left to support their families. The project aims to provide opportunities for women to support their families, as well as funding the development of a local school and daycare centre.

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Laura Bradley

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