August 20, 2016
Groceries Apparel

Groceries Apparel ethically produce sustainable grunge-meets-chic staple pieces for both men and women. They have full control of their factory  based in California, allowing them to ensure each product upholds their high quality standards.

All materials used are either recycled or organic, including:

  • Organic cotton grown in California free from GMO's
  • Highly-renewable unprocessed hemp
  • Closed-loop lyocell from renewable eucalyptus
  • Post-industrial recycled cotton and denim spinning waste
  • Recycled plastic soda bottles

Groceries Apparel

The brand is constantly exploring ways to improve their sustainability, as witnessed in their new Spring 'Born to Dye' collection (pictured above). The refreshing prints are developed with non-toxic vegetable dyes from roots, bark, wood, flowers and minerals.

Groceries Apparel dress

Groceries Apparel are exceptionally transparent with customers about their production activities. To keep track, follow Groceries Apparel on Instagram and Facebook.

Shipping over $100 is free in the US.


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