August 20, 2016

Ekoluv is an eco-chic women's wear site based in Australia. Emily Kate Symes founded Ekoluv with the desire of providing eco-ethical sophisticated and fashionable pieces in the one location. The feminine high quality pieces reflect current fashion trends. Emily has created blog Eko & Lux to further inspire others to make more conscious decisions and provide them with solutions that don't sacrifice on style.


Ekoluv provides a convenient platform for viewers to search vintage, vegan, up-cycled, Fairtrade, sustainable and other ethical options. As well as Ekoluv's own collection, some other designers featured on Ekoluv include KowtowUnreal Fur, and Mettle.

Ekoluv dress

5% of their online profits go to Opportunity International Australia who provide support for those living in poverty to help them "transform their lives, their children's futures and their communities."

Ekoluv poncho

Ekoluv is also a participant in the 'CO2 neutral websites' initiative which aims at offsetting the carbon emissions produced through use of the website. Read more here.

As well as clothing, Ekoluv also sell home ware and accessories.

Shipping in Australia is free when you spend over $100.

Shipping Internationally is free when you spend over $300.

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