August 20, 2016
Animal Behaviour

On this earth there have been five mass extinctions, all caused by disasters such as volcanic eruptions and asteroids. However, the abnormally high extinction rates we are currently experiencing are greatly accelerated by our own activity. We humans have been destroying our own 'nest'.

Animal Behaviour want to change that. Their (long-term) vision is to use their business to raise awareness of endangered species. Their thoughtful and environmentally conscious collections are each inspired by a critically endangered species, with a portion of the sales going towards protecting these animals and their ecosystems.

Animal Behaviour

"Each one [of the Earth's 5 million invertebrate species] plays a role in its ecosystem. It's like we're tearing the cogs out of a great machine. The machine might work after you tear out ten cogs, but what happens when you tear out a hundred?"

- Scott Black

Their first collection is inspired by the majestic Amur leopard who faces the threat of habitat loss, poaching and insufficient prey. Five percent of Animal Behaviours sales go towards Panthera to prevent their extinction.

Animal Behaviour suit

Animal Behaviour's business is based around the main concepts of producing locally, sourcing sustainably and acting responsibly. The beautifully designed clothing is made using eco-friendly materials (including tencel and surplus fabrics) and dyes.  Production occurs in LA and all materials - even their labels - are sourced from a 10km radius.

Carbon offsets are purchased for each shipment. Currently shipping is only available in the US. However, HopShopGo is a third party who ships world wide

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