August 20, 2016
Elle Evans

Elle Evans retro swimwear is ethically made in Australia using recycled materials which otherwise would have gone to waste in landfills. The brand uses recycled lycra and fabric sourced as remnants from large companies. Further, they eliminate excess stock by making their products on order.

They also have an active and children's swimwear line.

Elle Evans

Elle Evans swimwear also make a genuine effort to consider the environmental impact of their products once it's in the hands of the consumer (the stage that usually has the worst impact on the environment) through their 'no energy' care instructions. A 'take back' program is currently in the works to ensure proper disposal of each product.



The 'Reversible Shade Bikinis' pictured above gives you the best of both worlds (Hannah Montana eat your heart out)!

Elle Evans yoga

Shipping within Australia is $7 and International shipping is $14.

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