August 24, 2016
Sage Larock

Sage Larock want to prove that doing things the right way is beautiful. Their passion for sustainability and style is exemplified in everyone of their breathtaking designs.


Sage Larock

All the garments - from the wrap dresses to mini rompers - are made-to-order in their LA facility (which is also partially solar powered!) where employees work in good conditions. Excess stock is a huge issue in the fashion industry. By making the garments to order, this helps Sage eliminate excess stock.



The label uses plant based non-toxic dyes and sustainable materials, including recycled, OEKO-TEX standard organic cotton, hemp and vegan fabrics. The silk they use is peace silk which is woven by hand by fair-trade workers in India. What is peace silk, you ask? Well, in traditional techniques silk worms are boiled, however with peace silk the worms are allowed to emerge from their cocoons and live on as butterflies.


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