August 24, 2016
Krochet Kids

Krochet Kids is a non-profit apparel brand that sell men’s, women’s and children’s wear that empower women to rise above poverty in Uganda and Peru. They provide the tools to overcome poverty by providing employment, training, mentorship and resources.

Krochet Kids

The brand connects the user to the producer with a hand signature on the label by the person who made it. Further information about them can be found on their online profile.

"I am very grateful for getting employed with KKU because I feel that I have been brought out of the dark and into a life full of light.  Because of this, I see a bright future ahead of me and my children.”

Krochet Kids message

Krochet Kids want to help build a better future for those living in hardship. Due to ruthless civil wars in Northern Uganda, millions of people have been displaced and left dependent on the government and organisations. In Peru, Krochet Kids also work with those living in povery, while sourcing the finest materials, including pima cotton, from local producers.

Krochet Kids outfit

Shipping is available in 20 countries.

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