August 24, 2016
The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys was founded when singer and actor Caitlin Crosby had the idea to engrave encouraging words onto reclaimed keys. Caitlin knew she wanted the keys to contribute towards bettering the lives of others, but didn't know how, until by the luck of fate Caitlin came across a homeless couple, Rob and Cera, who happened to have skills in jewellery making! From here Caitlin realised that her keys would help improve the lives of those in need by providing employment.

The Giving Keys

Customers are encouraged to eventually pay it forward, by giving the key to someone in need.



Currently the company is partnered with Chrysalis, Lift and Downtown Women's Centre.. The Giving Keys have also partnered with other charities to raise funds.


Watch the inspirational Caitlin Crosby's Ted Talk here.

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Laura Bradley

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