August 20, 2016
Article 22

Article 22 sell jewellery with a powerful message. In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 22 covers the right to Social Security.

Article 22

Their 'peacebomb' jewellery is made by Laotian artisans using bomb remnants from the Vietnam War era. The brand supports the local community by providing employment and helping demine land.

Article 22 necklace

Laos was the most heavily bombed city in the history of the world. It is estimated that at the current rate of removal, it will take 800 years to clear the land from unexploded artillery. 270 million cluster bombs were dropped (more than the combined amount of bombs dropped in Iraq in 1991, 1998 and 2006) and 80 million did not detonate. Each year an average of 500 people, many children and farmers, lose their lives as these bombs may still explode. Each bracelet sold by Article 22 helps clear 3m2 of land from dangerous bombs.

Article 22 bracelet

International shipping is available.

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